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Acupuncture treats the whole body from head to toe. The goal is to maintain your health by treating both the root of the issue and symptoms at the same time. After completing your recommended treatment plan provided by your licensed acupuncturist, we recommend maintenance sessions each month to achieve a healthier you.


Each acupuncture treatment builds on the one before it. Acupuncture is cumulative, with the best results acquired by allowing your body the necessary time needed to heal. For example, those in acute pain need several treatments in a shorter period of time to alleviate symptoms, while chronic conditions require maintenance treatments over several months.

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Our method is based on the latest science and research to achieve effective and consistent results. We target the individual needs of each patient, while maximizing relaxation and comfort. Each treatment is customized according to your individual health and wellness goals.

Acupuncture is the insertion of whisper-thin needles into anatomical locations to treat injury, pain and dysfunction, reduce stress and promote health and wellness. Most patients feel a little tingle sensation coupled with a feeling of relaxation.


Distal needling is when needles are inserted at a distant site to the area of pain or concern. This area is a carefully chosen site to stimulate the brain and activate a healing response. Local needling involves inserting needles near or into the site of pain to reduce muscle tension and improve blood flow.


You may feel a little sensation or tingle, but most patients don’t feel anything at all and tend to fall asleep during their treatment.

Your acupuncturist will treat according to your individual wellness concerns. Points may include areas of pain and other acupuncture points.

Total visit time is 30 minutes or less. Acupuncture treatments are 20 minutes. 1st time patients need extra time to fill out patient forms.

Our session and membership plans are very affordable so insurance isn’t required. HSA and FSA plans are accepted.

Comfortable, loose clothing is recommended to provide easy adjustment if needed for acupuncture treatment areas.

We take special precautions when working with those on blood-thinning medication or who tend to bruise easily.

Side effects are minimal but may include fatigue, slight bruising, tenderness at needle site, lightheadedness, temporary worsening of symptoms, and emotional release. It is best to consult with your acupuncturist on what you can expect from your personalized treatment plan.